Fall 2001 Ducklings
Spring came and went with only 1 duckling because most of the nests were raided by varmints. Surprisingly, in the fall of 2001, 4 little ducklings emerged from their eggs. We are now raising these babies in our duck pen, but they spent the first few days inside the farmer's house where it was nice and warm.
Fall 2001 Adult Ducks
Our adult Indian Runners spend their days roaming about the farm and swimming in the pond. The 2 pictures below were taken October 25, 2001. Can you find Peepers?
1999 Ducks & Ducklings
Here are some pictures of the ducklings from 1999. The ducklings ran free with their mommy and the other big ducks. Sadly, the babies began disappearing one-by-one. From then on, we raised the ducklings in our duck pen until they were big enough to elude predators.
Peepers - Spring 2001
Peepers hatched in May of 2001. To keep her safe from predators, we raised her in our duck pen until she grew her full set of feathers. Peepers had the distinction of being our first duckling that did not have any siblings. Consequently, the farmer's wife felt sorry for the little duckling and spent lots of time taking her on journeys around the farm. Peepers even went for a walk into town with the farmer's wife and to the tennis courts to watch the farmer and his children play tennis. Peepers has now joined the rest of the flock as they roam about the property looking for tasty slugs. Here are some of Peepers' childhood adventures.
Below is a picture of Peepers taken October 25, 2001.

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